North American hosting VPS or reseller... don't care at this point.


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Sep 5, 2007
I am looking for reseller or VPS hosting located in North America (preferably Canada) for low traffic accounts.

I am looking for:
- current version of directadmin and installatron (I have licences for both)
- reasonably fast server
- basic support included (you should know the server crashed before I do)
- good security
- 24/7 support

Current usage Account #1

Disk Space (MB) 13368
Bandwidth (GB) 18.490
E-Mails 64
Ftp Accounts 43
Databases 43
Domains 156
Users 41

Current usage Account #2
Disk Space (MB) 5616.9
Bandwidth (GB) 0.8768
E-Mails 10
Ftp Accounts 7
Databases 11
Domains 26
Users 6

I would prefer if companies replied here in the forum rather than trying to direct message me.