OpsShield is announcing cPGuard Public Beta for DirectAdmin || Free Trial during Publ


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Jul 3, 2019
OpsShield is happy to announce the availability of cPGuard public beta version for DirectAdmin servers. The software is completely free during public beta and you can enjoy all features including the Commercial WAF. We will use the public beta period to get feedback from people to fine tune the software for DirectAdmin servers which is already running stable for cPanel over 1.5 years.

Virus files injections and brute-force attacks are one of the major problems that most of the server owners face nowadays. Having a defensive mechanism implemented on your server may vary based on your technical skills and budget. OpsShield has developed cPGuard to help people to implement the best solution to protect your cPanel/DirectAdmin servers in low budget. cPGuard has various features and mechanisms to protect your server against different kind of issues.

What makes cPGuard exceptional?

1. Value for Money :- Unlike the competitors, we charge very less to make sure that the solution is affordable to every server owners and hosts. We provide Standard license for $6 / month and Unlimited license for $11 / month [ 20% discount is available for 5+ license purchases ].

2. Quality of the software :- Though we charge less, that does not mean we compromise in quality. Our team contains experienced engineers in back-end, font-end development and support wing. We provide unlimited support as well along with each licenses.

3. Consumes very less server resource :- We establish watch to each public files on your server and doesn't not add some hooks into FTP/HTTP service to scan files uploaded via respective services..so what happened to other uploads? Even with the complete watch, our process use very less resources. cPGuard is running fine from large servers to small VPS..it will not appear
in "top" and consume more server resources.

4. cPGuard is a security bundle :- cPGuard is a security bundle and provides multiple options to secure various components. Few of them includes,

a. WAF :- The WAF contains 400+ rules which can stop majority of attacks. It can add special protections for your WordPress/Joomla websites. The WAF rules are updated regularly
b. File Scanner :- Our scanner stack in loaded with Signature based scanning, Pattern Matches, Location, Blacklists, etc. You can even tune the scanner by adding your own signature
through cPGuard UI.
c. Handling of Softlinks :- cPGuard provides an efficient option to detect an alert the softlinks created under WebRoots
d. Reputation Checks :- Your IP Addresses are checked against various RBLs and your domains are tested against blacklists.
e. Brute-force mitigation :- cPGuard protects WordPress/Joomla websites from brute-force attacks
f. xmlrpc.php attack mitigation
g. CSF Integration :- You can integrate CSF firewall with cPGuard Firewall and tune many CSF settings through cPGuard UI.
h. RootKit Scanner :- Daily RootKit scanning and reports
h. many more....

5. Incoming Spam Email protection - cPanel Only :- Through cPGuard sRBL addition into Exim helps to reduce large scale of incoming spam emails.

6. Virus cleanup :- Using our virus cleanup cloud service, you can save time to clean-up the injection and restore files

7. cPanel Interface :- cPGuard cPanel plugin helps your clients to scan files and be aware of the virus files detected under their account. You can brand this option in cPanel to
appear it like your custom scanner.

8. Tune cPGuard based on your preference
:- You can tell cPGuard to watch any additional directories, add your own signatures, brand cPanel interface etc. You can manage each
features and can turn ON/OFF based on your preference.

9. Fastest Manual Scanner :- cPGuard provides an option to scan your directories/users. Our manual scanner is the fastest available scanner which is 7x faster than MalDet and consumes very less resources

10. Richness of notification and reports
:- You will be notified for each events detected and a daily report will be generated. You can opt-out from certain notification emails and receive only notification emails you like

11. Continuous development...

How to test the software with $0 payment?

We offer FREE 30 Days TRIAL using which server owners can experience full features of the software. Within the TRIAL period, you can enjoy all the upcoming features too without any payment.

How much does cPGuard costs after TRIAL?
We have 2 packages. Our Basic Package will costs $6/server and Unlimited Package costs $11 / month.

How to purchase 30 Days Free TRIAL?
Go to our CART and purchase TRIAL package. Once the package is activated, you will receive license and installation instruction in your email.

Do you offer any discount?

20% discount on all licenses if you have 5+ servers

30% discount if you are a service provider and need 25+ licenses

What are the Requirements to Install cPGuard ? - https://manage.opsshield.com/index..../knowledgebase/view/1/cpguard-requirements/1/

How to install cPGuard :- https://manage.opsshield.com/index....nowledgebase/view/2/how-to-install-cpguard/1/

Any questions?
Please feel free to shoot an email to sales[at]opsshield.com and we will be happy to answer you!