Package change not propagated to users of resellers when done as Admin


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Jun 11, 2024
I noticed a strange issue - I as Admin made user packages and set each user to their corresponding user package - our Resellers aren't really resellers, they only manage and build the websites for customers - I haven't added the user packages to their "User package" list - but when I change a setting in one of the User Packages at admin level - only the users directly connected to my admin account get their values updated according to the user package they are using - but all other users, which use my admin-level user package but are connected to one of these webbuilder (reseller) accounts, their accounts aren't updated.

Is this intentional? Or is this a bug? Or did I miss something obvious to get this scenario working?
you as admin - can create resellers and you reseller too. So you manage your users created as reseller admin each other reseller - has own packages and users. If you want to manage all users - you must create them from one reseller account, or modify packages for each reseller individually.
Why do I have the option to create "User Packages" on Admin Level, set these to the users - if they don't update?
User packages are for users. So it's working as designed.
For the resellers you created Resellers and Reseller packages. Resellers are not normal users. So if you want to reseller packages to change, you don't change the user packages, but you change the reseller packages.
I as Admin assigned "User Packages" to all users on the server - some belong to me, some belong to Reseller A and some to Reseller B - when I update the "User Package 1" - the changed propagate to only the users directly under my management, not to the users management by Reseller A and Reseller B - the "User packages" I changed are under the ADMIN level menu - so I thought these were meant for global use - are they not?
I as Admin assigned "User Packages" to all users on the server
No. As admin you have "user packages" and "reseller packages".

User packages are only for Admin's users, because in fact Admin is both admin and reseller.
Reseller packages are packages which admin creates for resellers. From these packages, the resellers can create their -own- user packages with which admin can not interfere.

It's like I explained. There are no global packages who count for both users and resellers.
for easy explain.

Admin -> Reseller Level -> Package for users under this reseller.
Admin -> Reseller Level -> Package for users under this reseller.
That's in Enhanced skin.
Evo skin does not have Reseller level anymore, only Admin and user level.
And packages for users under another reseller can only be seen if you login as the reseller.