Possible problems I've found with Nginx


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Sep 23, 2009
Hi, I've been testing a few websites on a box running Nginx and I have found a few possible problems for clients.

Some of my websites run Wordpress and the server block has to be modified for it to run correctly, so I have been modifying the user block at /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/USER/nginx.conf, then I restart nginx for the changes to take place.

I was thinking it would be better if the client could edit the block themselves if they need to from the control panel and for nginx to restart automatically after the changes have been applied. But, then if nginx restarted and the configuration was wrong nginx might not start and effect other users on the box.

I noticed adding redirects via the control panel didn't do anything, so again to add a redirect I had to login via SSH and change the block for the website to redirect.

I have also had to remove write access by using chattr +i nginx.conf, as i'm not sure why but one time that config file for user got reset and their wordpress website stopped working properly.

There is probably an easy solution to this, or maybe there are some Directadmin & Nginx improvements in the pipeline?