recompile PHP with Ice 3.3.1


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Apr 11, 2005
GMT +7.00

If you want somebody o do that for you, then feel free to PM some of us here (me for example) for a quote.
If you want to do that yourself, then you'd better read some docs:

And here are instructions from INSTALL file from the source


- A supported version of PHP:

* 5.2.6 (SLES 11)
* 5.3.2 (RHEL 6)
* 5.2.x, 5.3.x, or 5.4.x (source builds)

You can download PHP from

- Ice for C++ 3.5b development kit

Building the Ice for PHP extension (Linux/OS X)

This source distribution only supports building Ice for PHP as a
dynamic PHP extension; the product of the build is a shared library
that you must configure PHP to load.

Follow the steps below to build Ice for PHP:

1. Change to Ice for PHP source subdirectory.

> cd Ice-3.5b/php

2. Edit config/Make.rules and review the build settings. For example,
you may want to enable OPTIMIZE. If your PHP installation resides
in a non-standard location, modify the PHP_HOME setting to contain
the installation directory. If you are using PHP 5.3 or later and
wish to use PHP namespaces, set USE_NAMESPACES=yes.

3. If you have not built Ice for C++ from the cpp subdirectory, then
set the ICE_HOME environment variable to the directory containing
your Ice installation. For example, if Ice is installed in
/opt/Ice-3.5b, set ICE_HOME as follows:

$ export ICE_HOME=/opt/Ice-3.5b

If you installed Ice using RPMs, set ICE_HOME as shown below:

$ export ICE_HOME=/usr

3. Run make.