RedHat 8 released, waiting for CentOS 8


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Apr 27, 2009
RedHat 8 GA was released only five hours ago, here is the official announcement:

Now I am eager to see CentOS 8 released soon, let's hope we will only need to wait a couple of weeks. Then I hope DirectAdmin will be able to quckly test CentOS 8 and make it available in the licence.

Personally I have been waiting for CentOS 8 a long time already, as I need a new server, but do not want to invest in a server with CentOS 7 so short time before CentOS 8.

By the way I found out the news about RedHat 8 GA by reading this discussion:

Edit: Here is the complete press release:

Quote: "To enhance security, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 supports the OpenSSL 1.1.1 and TLS 1.3 cryptographic standards. This provides access to the strongest, latest standards in cryptographic protection that can be implemented system-wide via a single command, limiting the need for application-specific policies and tuning."
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Apr 11, 2005
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VPS providers replied on when CentOS 8 will ready on their platforms:


We are indeed in the process of testing and fine tuning CentOS 8 for our platform. You can expect it very soon. Keep an eye on our site. :) :)

Currently the cloud image for Centos 8 is not available officially. We will need to create one ourself and that takes a bit of time.Please follow our twitter account to find out when it's available for us.

Unfortunately, are not offering it yet. But it is high on the ToDo list of our developers. Unfortunately, we can not give you precise information about when the feature will be available.

Centos 8 has just been released. We will add it to the platform as soon as we receive it from the upstream.

In the meanwhile, if you specifically want to use this Distro, you can try our Custom images feature. You can navigate to “Import Images” on the Cloud control panel to upload your image. You can upload any Unix-like OS that supports ext3/4 file systems and has cloudinit 0.7.5, cloudbase-init, coreos-cloudinit, ignition or bsd-cloudinit installed.

Nevertheless we have 2 VMs with CentOS 8 already, w/out directadmin yet. :D