[release] sFTP backups for DirectAdmin (version: 0.1.poralix)

The SFTP command works successfully and can see the output folder, aswell as write to it.

Usually we add debug instructions in the script to find a real cause of the issue in such cases. So if you are good with bash/shell you might debug in the script. This is not a trivial task and will take too much time to debug it on the forums.
Thanks for your reply. The screenshots of the output are below.

By the way you might try the same as user diradmin, nobody. If I recollect it correct, backup transfer/list operations are performed in name of the both users. If the CLI command goes fine under the mentioned users too, then I'd suggest debugging the script.

And the first step I would suggest is setting

set -x

in the script something like in the second line of the script. It should cause a bulk of lines to be shown in directadmin report after a backup fails. That might have a clue.