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Apr 5, 2004

InterISP is a Norwegian hosting and software development company. We have used directadmin for many years. This last year we have created a software called ResellerTools. We wanted to create something that would make the job easier for resellers and hosting admins. With automated processes, direct login, update hosting packages, suspend users and so on.

ResellerTools has support for two panels, and the main panel is Directadmin.

Some of the features of Directadmin
  • Push domain to server
  • Delete domain from server
  • Direct server login
  • Change/Update hosting package
  • Check online status
  • Suspend/Unsuspend domain
  • Message/Ticket system
  • Server stats
  • Import users/domains from server
  • Export client /domains to server

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We have decided to give all directadmin users on this forum a discount code, this code will give you a 100$ discount on the owned license(original price is 299$, your price will be 199$)

Discountcode: DAForumCustumer2015

If you would like a private demo, to try out every feature, please send us an email at