Roundcube 0.7.2


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Jun 1, 2011
Fix encoding of attachment with comma in name (#1488389)
Fix handling of % character in IMAP protocol (#1488382)
Fix duplicate names handling in addressbook searches (#1488375)
Fix displaying of HTML messages from Disqus (#1488372)
Disable E_STRICT warnings on PHP 5.4
Prevent from folder selection on virtual folder collapsing (#1488346)
Fix automatic unsubscribe of non-existent folders
Fix double-quotes handling in recipient names
User configurable setting how to display contact names in list
Make contacts list sorting configurable for the admin/user
Fix parse errors in DDL files for MS SQL Server
Revert SORT=DISPLAY support, removed by mistake (#1488327)
Add lost translation label in de_DE (#1488315)
Fix drafts update issues when edited from preview pane (#1488314)
Fix wrong variable name in rcube_ldap.php (#1488302)
Make mime type detection based on filename extension to be case-insensitive
Fix failure on MySQL database upgrade from 0.7
text column can't have default value (#1488300)

And a new nice interface:

Edit: Sorry, the new interface is the beta version of 0.8.
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