rsync directadmin server migration


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Mar 12, 2007
CentOS 6 will be EOL by the end of this year.
Because of that, we will be migrating a bunch of servers to CentOS 8 this year.

In the past we would have been migrating DA servers with the directadmin backup / restore functionality and changing DNS.
This suited us well and we still use this for backup purposes.

I've tried to run a migration in a test environment, and even without transferring the domains directories it still took too long.
This time we would like to minimize downtime and use rsync to migrate ALL data at once.
We would also like to reuse old IP's (and hostname).

We will install a new CentOS 8 environment with a temporary IP and matching (MariaDB, proftpd,..) versions with the old environment and use rsync to migrate all data.
At cutover we will down important services, do a last rsync, move IPv4 and IPv6 over, and manually reinstall the directadmin license, restart services on the new server.

Does anyone have a list of important directories and files that have to be migrated?
Or maybe a checklist or migration manual?

Thank you in advance
Kind regards

Richard G

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Jul 6, 2008
We also used the admin transfer to transfer accounts, but we always firstly made a backup of all users, then transfer them via rsync or ftp to the appropriate admin dir on the new server and then use the restore. Wasn't really faster.

With rsync I guess you need multiple dirs to transfer.
Next to the the /home directory's I think also the /usr/local/directadmin/data/users but take car of /users/admin because there is als a /data/admin and they are collaborating if I'm not mistaken.

Other option is to backup and transfer admin account the "normal" way and then you can just rsync all the users because the correct admin user is in there anyway.