ServerAlias shows old content?


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May 3, 2016
I have a very strange problem. Well I think it is strange at least. I setup a client website which works OK. But, setting up a serveralias delivers the wrong content, i.e. older content. I can't for the life of me figure out why. An example is - because there are 3 servers in a pool, each one is called,, I then have a server alias of (the reason we are not using a load balancer right now is exactly because of this problem) If I go to one or two or three directly. with URL, the content is exactly what I would expect. However, if I go to the alias of, which, at any given time could be an alias to one or two or three, shows content that is several months old.

??!?!?! I am very confused. It is not my local cache, as that has been cleaned, new browsers tried and numerous people all checking the same URLs and seeing the exact same thing. There is no mod_cache in use or anything like that, but even that seems odd if it was the issue as the content is months old. Any suggestions on where to look? Any ideas at all? If it was different on one of my servers I would think it was some anomaly on a server, but all 3 act exactly the same.

Oh, important, it is using WP.

Thanks for any. pointers to a possible solution here...