Some help for a DA NOOB....


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Dec 19, 2003
Some help for a DA NOOB....[Installing DirectAdmin over existing websites]

I just got DA installed on a box of mine where I already have about 30 websites. I would like to incorporate DA to control these existing sites. This is a full service type box so there will be no users interacting with DA just the other admins who are not as comfortable on the CL as I am. This is also going to be practice for when we put DA on our Self service machine with 100+ websites on it. Just looking for the easiest way to set up DA with existing websites. Here are the steps I took in setting up the box.

1. installed RedHat 9
2. installed DA
3. Disabled DNS and Mail as we run seperate boxes for that
3. blasted all of the data back on the box from backup
4. manually configured apache and mysql to make all the sites work

So now at least I have DA installed and all my sites are working. now I just need to join them together so we can use the user control panel as "admin" to tweek on the sites.


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Jun 9, 2003
Could be a task, depending on how you setup the sites previously. You would probably be better off creating accounts then putting data into the correct directories etc.

Many things will be DA specific such as the html directories and unless you had a similar setup previosuly the above would probably work better.