Spam delivered to admin mailbox when using forwarder


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Dec 9, 2016

My strategy is to have a mailbox named and then create forwarders to that domain and use these as my emailadresses. That way when an address is heavily spammed I can just delete it and create a new alias/forwarder and continue using the same mailbox with all my old mails. (and ask my correspondents to update their address book of course)

I've recently started using spamassassin and noticed that spam just disappears even though I have it set to be delivered to the user's folder.
After some searching around I found my spam in the mail admin maildir > INBOX.spam.
I then found this article:
Where it is explained that the mailbox does not exist when a forwarder is used so the spam always gets sent to the admin mailbox.

I've considered making my main mailbox and pointing the aliases to that mailbox but admin is of course one of the first addresses that spambots try when they know your domain name, so this is not a good option.

I really don't want to log into my admin mailbox only to check if there is any ham in the spamfolder. Also having al the spam for the different users together is not very efficient to filter through.
I thought I might alter the /etc/virtual/domain.example/filter to deliver to my mailbox manually but the file states that I shouldn't alter it as it will get overwritten.

Is there a solution so that I can receive spam in my user mailbox while it is sent to an alias?

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