Spam not marking or delete spam mails but reject all of those is better for legal law


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May 22, 2014
Netherlands Germany
If no matter who sends mail with wrong emailserver settings it should not be tagged as spam, or deleted whatever.

Legal and LAW if one received mail ( so also important ones ) and they are deleted or taged as spam and not read.

You could have some legal problems.

The best ( is no legal advice :) ) is to reject such mails then they aren't delivered at all.

So none could proof you got or should have that (important) mail.

With right emailsettings the sender who (is spamming ) only because of wrong email server and settings, become a rejected message so they can't proof sending mail the right way. ( and ofcourse they can't proof then you did get that mail)

Also then they know something is wrong and can take care of that.

Spammers real ones then do become maybe also problems with their traffic limits because of that depending on....

So where while in Spamassassin Setup , of spam filter setup there is no option for this setting at all.

Can you do this

IN Germany for example if someone send a (Abmahnung) legal caution / written warning / dissuasion by mail and you don't react in time you could have real problems. Costing lot of money. ( sending this by email is possible and have a log mail send out, and not rejected could be enough proof they did depending on which Judge)

Spam tagging is no option while mostly none of mail receivers do read the spambox / spam tagged mails!

Please howto solve this.

Or did i miss something in the setup settings?
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There are some country's in which this indeed could lead to issues like Germany and the Netherlands.
The new laws about giving email the same juridical weight as a posted letter could cause some issues in certain cases.

However, luckily enough in the Netherlands best proof is still to send a signed letter and especially legal things must have some kind of proof (either signed letter or read notification) that the receiver has received the email.
Indeed this can be depending on the judge and it's difficult to proove their email settings are wrong if the receiving logs do not exist anymore.

Spam tagging is an option, because it's quite stupid never to read the spambox or spam tagged mails because there can be correct mails between them, users should be aware of that.
Rejecting mails however, could lead again to an increase of spam, because in the past the spammers used this method too.

However you are looking for a method in which the hoster has a choice to either "delete/forward to spambox" or to reject certain mails.

I presume this can be done due to some config change in Exim, I didn't see any options for this either.

I'm also curious how this can be done, because it could be usefull in the near future.
The problem with tagging SPAM or delete and so is you never know for sure for false positives!

So better EXIM / Postfix handling most of it before arives some spamfiltering for wrong configed mailservers / hosters or .... guys.

I think a better more clear howto for SpamBlocker4 and some exim rules could help

Also saves lot of cpu and mem power if most rejected / bounced before spam filtering spamassasin content and co.

Getting the good guys for false positives a bounce / reject, so they can do better follow up to have their mail settings better configured.

The bad ones hmm don't take much care for such if mass spammers. ( they can reach much more and faster other not reject/bounce and they don't like such traffic if they do receiving at all)

The real bad for enginered hacking hmm most normal spam filters they know how to get arround them so...
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