Sub Domain Email Problem


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Sep 5, 2003
I have created a new user, domain name is for example, I find that the email function of the domain has problem, email can be sent from to, however it can't receive email, for example from to

I use software to check the state of the email address and find that the email account is valid, but all email sent to the email account can't receive (or maybe disappear)

The problem also can be found in other sub domain such as,

I guess that it maybe a problem or a bug of sub domain account

Any suggestion to solve this problem? Is it posible for me to add some DNS record in 'Modify DNS Record'

(Not just email problem, mysql and cgi also have some problem in sub domain account, but would not be found in top level domain accounts)

DirectAdmin Support

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Feb 27, 2003

There are several things that prevent emails from getting through. Check the hostname of your machine and make sure that it differs from any domain that is on the system. eg: you cannot have a domain with the same name as the hostname, as the domain would be the catchall for all system accounts.

Is "test" for a system account? Are you using a firewall (check port 25)? Does your hostname resolve? do you have a reverse IP lookup? It's far easier to debug email problems when a real domain is used, as we can quite often determine the problem without even needing to go onto your server. You can always send us an email to

check out for a valueable tool to help debug mail problems.