Tally stops/starts Apache, rather than restarts


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Jun 12, 2019
After feedback from website visitors, I found that every day at 00:10:03 the Apache webserver on my VPS goes offline for some 65 seconds. During that time, some 500 page requests, mostly POST, fall flat. Even worse, after 00:13:02 it happens again, for 120 seconds.

It seems this has something to do with the daily Tally that Directadmin does. /var/log/directadmin/system.log has these lines:

2019:06:12-00:10:02: Tally All Begin
2019:06:12-00:10:03: Tally Reseller XYZ Begin
2019:06:12-00:10:03: Tally User XYZ2 Begin
2019:06:12-00:11:05: httpd started
2019:06:12-00:12:44: Tally All Complete
2019:06:12-00:13:02: httpd gracefuled
2019:06:12-00:13:02: php-fpm71 gracefuled
2019:06:12-00:13:02: php-fpm73 gracefuled
2019:06:12-00:15:01: httpd started

Is there anything that can be done about this?

CentOS 6
Installed version of DirectAdmin: 1.57.1
Installed version of Apache: 2.4.39
Installed version of PHP 7.1: 7.1.29
Installed version of PHP 7.3: 7.3.5
Installed version of PHP (mod_php): 7.2.18