XenReseller | Super, Alpha, Master Multi Level Reseller Plugin for DirectAdmin


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May 8, 2023
Welcome to XenReseller

We're proud to introduce to you XenReseller - Giving you the power to unlock the full potential of multilevel reselling for DirectAdmin

Why Do I Require XenReseller?
The web hosting industry has grown tremendously over the years and continues to grow rapidly.

With the development of better server technology & efficiency, nodes can power many websites with ease.
Yet these resources are not used their full capability due to the limitation of:
-Allowing an admin to create a reseller or user only
-Allowing a reseller to create users only

That's where XenReseller comes in to add 3 new levels of reselling to your server(s).
If you're currently using DirectAdmin as your control panel, you'll know that there is only one level of resellers (Admin > Resellers > Users)
XenReseller enhances the reselling capability to offer Master Resellers, Alpha Resellers & Super Alpha Resellers.

  • Resellers can create Users
  • Master Resellers can create Resellers and Users
  • Alpha Resellers can create Master Resellers, Resellers and Users
  • Super Alpha Resellers can create Alpha Resellers, Master Resellers, Resellers and Users
  • Admin's can create Super Alpha Resellers, Alpha Resellers, Master Resellers, Resellers and Users

Why Choose XenReseller?

We've listened carefully to the needs of the web hosting community, to develop something built for now & the future.
With XenReseller we implemented the most basic features from creating users within a single interface, to the most advanced features such as enabling restrictions right down to resource level that works!

You can enjoy
  • One Command | Simple & Easy installation
  • Updates included with your active license
  • Optimized Modern User Friendly Interface for all resellers & administrators
  • Local Backups with frequency & retention settings
  • Resource Monitor - View usage for resellers & users that you personally own
  • Owner Management - Change the owner users & resellers that you personally own
  • Advanced Suspension settings : Choose to suspend resellers or resellers & subusers
  • Package Manager - Create, Modify, Search & Delete Packages directly within XenReseller
  • User Management - Create, Modify, Search, Suspend & Terminate Users/Resellers directly within XenReseller
  • Feature Management - Enable/disable features through the reseller chain to allow/restrict Catch-All E-mail,SSH Access,System Info...etc
  • WHMCS Module included : Administrators & Resellers can use our module to sell reseller & user plans through WHMCS and even utilise metric billing!

How much is XenReseller?
When XenReseller was developed, we took into account sustainability, affordability and the lifecycle of the product.
We kept things simple. One Plan, with every feature included, as standard, and updates for the life of your active license.

XenReseller costs just £12.95 per month or £144.95 per year
You can purchase a license directly from here
Get 50% off your first month with code: XEN50

We accept PayPal which includes all major credit/debit cards.


What are the requirements for XenReseller?

XenReseller supports all operating systems that the latest version of DirectAdmin supports. This includes:

  • CentOS 7 (and higher)
  • Debian 10 (and higher)
  • Ubuntu 18.04 (and higher)

XenReseller has been tested to work with DirectAdmin 1.63.9 and requires root access.
Older versions may work, but are not supported.

XenReseller requires PHP with Curl.

How Do I install XenReseller?

Once you've purchased XenReseller, you can access the install command from your client area.
There will also be a link to your client area within the confirmation e-mail.

Do you offer Bulk Licensing?

Yes, please get in touch with customer services and we'll be more than happy to quote.