all emails sent from wordpress end up in junk (exim problem)


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Sep 19, 2014

After installing exim 4.85 from custombuild, i have noticed an issue when exim sends emails from wordpress (even with using SMTP plugin). It adds a line in the email and then all the emails end up in the junk folder.

In fact, i think i have found the root cause of the problem but i don't know the fix yet.

in headers of the email i can read
Received: from ([] by with esmtpa
As you can see exim gets the domain of the email address ( but the name of my server is Meanwhile my spf=pass, my dkim=pass and everything else is ok.

Normally it should look like that:
Received: from ([] by with esmtpa
In exim.conf, i have commented the helo_data line and replaced it with helo_data = but still i see the same line in the emails sent from Wordpress after a service exim restart.

Meanwhile, there is no issue when i send an email from a regular email software. This is due to the fact, this line is not added at all.

I guess that exim adds this header somewhere else but i don't know where.