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Aug 22, 2006
As it's been requested multiple times, let's have a public changelog for CustomBuild 2.0 :) Revisions skipped means there were minor changes to typos/comments etc.

2411 - Install libnsl on CentOS8 for OpenLiteSpeed web admin.

2410 - Added files-ca to official mirrors list. Better detection of MySQL binary package on FreeBSD systems.

2409 - exim Makefile using uses getFile() instead of wget now.

2408 - phpMyAdmin SSO: the cookies set the host, so if mysql is remote, ensure the direct_login/index.php is updated to point to that host

2407 - Fix empty line in /etc/exim.variables.conf with ssl_configuration=modern option set.

2406 - Downgrade ssl_configuration option to "old" on EOL OS (CentOS4/5, Debian6/7 etc.).

2405 - Fix OpenSSL <1.0.2 version check for SSLOpenSSLConfCmd use on CentOS6/Debian8/Debian9 .

2404 - Use predefined 4096-bit DHE public key where possible, to solve error. Configure it using SSLOpenSSLConfCmd directive in Apache, if OpenSSL 1.0.2 or higher is detected.

     Use ssl_configuration=old/intermediate/moden for Exim and Dovecot. TLSv1.1 is EOL as of March 31, 2020. Windows 7 support ended on January 14, 2020.

2403 - Don't allow setting ssl_configuration=modern on OS/webservers not supporting TLSv1.3. Old OS support TLSv1.3 by default in LiteSpeed/OpenLiteSpeed only.

2402 - Disable MySQL/MariaDB versions in options.conf that are unavailable on CentOS8.

2401 - libpng->libwebp for libwebp updates in CustomBuild plugin.

2400 - modify setup.txt and set correct da_admin password there on MySQL/MariaDB reinstallation time.

2399 - don't remove MySQL-python package on MySQL update time.

2398 - added dummy da-exim dpkg package for exim installations on debian.

2397 - error and exit if mod_ruid2 if enabled on unsupported system.

      set MySQL data direcotry to /var/lib/mysql on new installations of debian.

2396 - install dependencies on SpamAssassin installation time.

2395 - downgrade version of ICU if PHP 5.3/5.4 is enabled.

2394 - added ability to upgrade MySQL 5.1 to 5.5.

2393 - fix nginx installation on CentOS6 if libmodsecurity 3.0 is used.

2392 - skip modsecurity download on "./build update" if webserver is not set to apache.

2391 - fix libmodsecurity 3.0 installation on CentOS6.

2390 - fix mariadb 5.5 installation on new installs

2389 - exit litespeed update sooner in case license is expired.

2388 - fix ICU linking issue on Ubuntu 18.04 (

2387 - hide libmodsecurity/modsecurity connector updates in available updates list if nginx is not used.

2386 - phpMyAdmin is chmod 440 by default now.

2385 - fixed composer current version check in CustomBuild plugin.

2384 - added "pexe:/opt/alt/php../usr/bin/php" to csf.pignore list.

2383 - Fixed typo for composer component in the output of "./build version".

2382 - Fixed PHP 5.3 "make install" for new installations. It needed "bin" directory to be pre-created.

2381 - Added composer support.

       Added csf.pignore checks for CustomBuild used services. It takes the list from configure/csf.pignore.

2380 - Added lua 5.3 support, which is minimal version required required for ModSecurity.

2379 - Suppress s-nail warnings in "./build version" output.

2378 - Fixed imagick compilation when multiple versions of PHP are used.

2377 - Set global CacheRoot for LiteSpeed by default.

2376 - Use "['Servers'][]['DisableIS'] = true;" in phpMyAdmin configuration to make large tables load faster.

2375 - Auto-install sqlite on Centos6 boxes for PHP 7.4.

2374 - Fix "newaliases" command for new installations of exim.

2373 - Added "--with-pear" option to PHP 7.4.

2372 - Fix OpenLiteSpeed taking up nginx_apache ports on startup.

       Auto-enable mod_lsapi when switching from another webserver to apache if CloudLinux is used.

2371 - Fix OpenLiteSpeed taking up nginx_apache ports on startup.

2370 - Suppress warnings on FreeBSD for nginx-related certification copying on the build time.

2369 - Inherit exits from subshell in CustomBuild hooks.

2368 - Added "update_full" alias for "update_versions_full"/"update_versions full".

2367 - Added per-call CustomBuild hooks. (

       Added "full" update method (update_versions_full and update_versions full). Runs OS updates + CustomBuild update and update_versions.
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Nov 20, 2019
Does custombuild autoupdate or should I be running a command when it's updated?