Convert Centos to CloudLinux in production


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Jul 13, 2019
I have a hundred server in production that some accounts are consuming a lot of resources.

I would like to convert to CloudLinux.

Is the process safe? Do you have an article / tutorial for me to perform the procedure?
The process is perfectly fine. I've done it twice now and worked out perfect in both ocasions.

If you are on a vps, make a snapshot though, or backup if you are running on a dedi/can't make snapshots, better safe than sorry
It is perfectly safe, and CloudLinux converter tools will take care of things.

Yeah, make sure you take snapshot/backup for a worry-free switching.
Is a Reboot needed when you convert from CentOS to cloudlinux. ???
Thanks for the infos. Will have to switch 2 of my servers end of this year to Almalinux. Hope that goes well ;-)