Interest survey - 'remade/refreshed' enhanced skin


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Jul 22, 2017
I'm not sure why couldn't the complaints just be solved
First no one wants to complain. You have worked hard and it looks good.
Second there is always someone to complain (I apparently am one, I like to think of it as constructive)
Third well with a 1000 opinions it will never be perfect..
Forth ... ok there is no 4th. I dont like this numbering stuff..

Admin = Tech person. If someone said Apache you think of a Web Server
User = Your non tech oriented spouse or mother. If someone said Apache you think of a Cowboy movie with John Wayne

I think in general you have 2 Major sides of the Process.. The Admin side and the User side.
Admins like easy, fast, distraction free and simple.
Users like easy, fast, distraction free and simple with Icons

Seems like admins tend to like text and logical groupings

User like things they think of and it's not like the admin side.
They want it Logical and simple
Email Icon
Web Icon
File Manage Icon
A big flashy sign saying do this it will make the system work for you..

Not sure this helps. I personally dont like the standard enhanced it looks Old..


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Nov 14, 2019
I'm not sure why couldn't the complaints just be solved, instead of re-creating something else? :)
I think people all have their own mini-frameworks in mind that they are comfortable with, so people use what they know. Picking up someone's code and working with often feels more difficult. I myself would probably do a re-write than a fix, even though it is more work. I chalk that up to lack of experience on my part.

Maybe I have missed other discussions on the topic, but how does licensing fit in to this? Are there parts of DA, like the UI or other elements, that are officially open sourced?


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Oct 11, 2019
The Netherlands
......... the one thing i miss most is the classic 'Enhanced' theme workflow - with all the animations it takes me much longer to set up a domain and be on my way. That's why i decided to start a little project to make the enhanced theme to look a little more modern, while not losing any of the functionality. I'd love to know what you guys think of it - if there is enough interest i can continue to develop this and release it for free to the community, as a sort of side project (this way i'll also have something to do for fun in the evenings ;-))

Please let me know any suggestions - this is just the UI design currently - and i can change anything easily. Again, if there is enough interest, i'd be happy to code this and give it out for free to the community, and keep it up to date ofcourse ;)

Thank you for your time and reading this - and god bless DirectAdmin!:cool:
Awesome I was actually planing to do this but I had to give up atn since I can't make the time to fully figure out node.
MIght it be an idea to throw it it on Github so we all can help ?