Invalid DKIM due to tabs inserted

Landon Arnold

New member
Jan 1, 2020
All of our outgoing emails are getting marked as spam because the DKIM signature fails. After consulting several dkim-checker sites, I found that DirectAdmin inserts tabs and newlines to break up the public key TXT record because it is too long. This shows up as follows, in several sites (\010 is newline, \009 is a tab):

[ ]
>> Your public key is:
>> "(\"v=DKIM1; k=rsa;
>> p=MIIBIjAN [...] Kgm5G\"\010\009\009\009\009\009\"YS8Jyq [...]

Some testing sites ignore the tabs and say that the DKIM is valid, but Gmail and most other sites see these unwanted characters.
I have enabled DMARC on its lowest risk level and tried disabling DKIM altogether, but Google is not appeased and still marks as spam.

According to long lines should be space separated, but in this case they are apparently newline-tab separated.

Is there an option in DirectAdmin to disable this auto-line-break-and-tab-alignment or enable manual editing of raw DNS file in the control panel?
Otherwise, please fix this simple but major issue as soon as possible.

I am using a web hosting service which does not allow shell access.

Thank you for your attention.

Another example of invalid public key (their "tip" is quite accurate):