Permissions issues during web uploads


New member
Oct 21, 2019
This was my first DirectAdmin setup so I probably did this wrong to begin with. Still, I need to figure out how to fix this (hopefully in an easy non-complicated way).

I only have one site on this DA install. The site is being stored in /home/admin/public_html. The site loads and looks fine until I try to upload a new file or image to the site. It's running on Joomla so I type in my content, attach a file in the upload box and hit go. The file uploads but it is not saved.

I tried uploading it directly via the DA file manager and it won't let me upload it there either if I am in the User tab. If I switch to Admin it lets me upload it. I am guessing the fact that the site is stored in the admin's folder is the reason I can't upload via the web interface of my site. What do I need to do to fix this?