When does user_create_post.sh execute?


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Jun 27, 2019
When exactly does /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/custom/user_create_post.sh get executed during the account creation process?

If you add

/usr/bin/curl -k -u admin:adminpass
I would expect to see the user that I just created in this list... but it is not there.

Are my expectations wrong here? I thought user_create_post.sh would run after the username has been created, yet it does not appear to exist in DirectAdmin's system.

Is there a user_create_afterdirectadminisfinishedwithitswork.sh hook?

I also tried this in user_create_post_confirmed.sh but it does not have the desired effect either.

The aim here is to be able to run API commands under the user (create email accounts, create subdomains, install certificates, etc) immediately after the account has been created. But that does not appear to be possible since there doesn't appear to be a hook (that I am aware of) that will execute after DirectAdmin is finished with everything.

Or am I missing something?