DirectSlave/GO 3 - public beta


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Feb 26, 2007
@roman_m, do you intent to open source the latest version? since on the original forum post it's mentioned that directslave is an open source project


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Oct 11, 2019
The Netherlands
Nice one may i suggest to adapt it to a plugin for da ?
Also, Is the Go new ?
its a bit confusing especially since the post is from 2018.

The documentation is a bit off. Since its referring to directory's witch since have been changed moved.
If you setup wiki or something i am happy to update the manual for centos 7.

The Above is no criticism what so ever mere suggestions. Taken from my experience sofar.

My problem is nslookup on the master (DA) server gets server can't find REFUSED.
logs are full with:
2019:11:28-19:24:23: Cluster: Error writing remote dns zone at host x.x.x.x for domain ( (null) (retry=0)
2019:11:28-19:24:23: Cluster socket:

I am pretty sure its my fault with my named on DA but it has been reset to defaults still can't get it to work.
So my inexperience with dns/bind services is necking me. Any pointers or link to guide that i can use as a prerequisite to install this ?
Or if any one can link/show me their master and slave and directslave .conf files wil be helpfull as a guideline.