Multiple problems chown, mysql


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Nov 8, 2006

Im a big fan of this forum! I have learned much from it, but not enough to be no more stupid.

When i tried to do a chown command (ssh) for a user to restore user rights. I accendently pressed the return, wich resulted in a big problem because i yust ended with root. So all folders were washed with new user:group

Then i looked up in this forums howto restore user rights. I found a thread where there was told you could run a script in the /directadmin/scripts/ directory. I succesfully did that.

Im hiring a vds and contacted my ISP about the problem. They said i had to make user backups, because there would be to many messed up folders. Then they would reinstall the server.

But because all my users are created by admin i had to move the users to a reseller. I did this with the dousertool. (this to restore the users)

But now the big problem is i cannot backup anymore because of mysql. I get this error

Access denied for user: 'da_admin@localhost' (Using password: YES)

I have tried this

And have spit out every thread about this subject.

NO succes :(

So before i destroy anymore by moving users an etc. Please give me some wise advice, Im really desperate to get my users back online again!

Sorry for my poor english. Thnx


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Jun 16, 2003
Have you gotten this fixed yet?

Have you contacted DA support? They might be able to help you, even though since you have a VPS they're not under any obligation.