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Jun 22, 2003
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The DirectAdmin community has created quite a large amount of DirectAdmin-reliant 3rd-party software to date. A good bit of these programs can be hard to find, especially the ones that have no cost.

This post is a consolidated list of 3rd party software (with at least one release) collected from this forum, and categorized by the type of software. I chose not to include HOWTOs and other guides that explain how to install a generic program on DirectAdmin. Instead, this is a list of programs that in some way require DA to work. If you're looking for HOWTOs, start here.

Please note this list was created and is updated by a member of the DirectAdmin community that is in no way affiliated with JBMC Software.

If I missed your project, or you want to change how it's listed here, simply let me know and I'll fix.

Plugins - General

CloudLinux LVE Manager

DA for iPhone - "designed to work in DirectAdmin web control panel with powerful solution to make administration of server easier"

Plugins - Domain

Anti-HotLink (no cost) - "allows users to disable/enable hotlinking on their domain(s)"

Bulk Domains and Subdomains - "allows users to add any number of domains and/or subdomains at the same time."

IFrame Redirect (no cost) - "allows users to add URL redirects using IFrames."

IP Deny Manager - "allows users to prevent an IP address, domain name, or block of IP addresses from accessing their web site."

Plugins - Billing

NSIM (no cost) - "plugin for managing invoices."

Plugins - Mail

Acorn - "plugin to install, enable, disable and generally manage Squirrelmail v.1.4x plugins."

SpamBlocker Plugin - "makes managing the configuration of SPAMBlocker (from Nobaloney Internet Services) a breeze."

SMTP Limiter - "allows admin to set message limit or completely (almost ;) disable SMTP for any user."

Exim Editor (no cost) - "plugin for editing of exim.conf along with blacklists, whitelists and other exim related files."

Email Level Plugin (no cost) - "plugin to enable mail clients a mini control panel for inbox/imap usage, and to edit their vacation messages."

Email Level Squirremail Plugin (no cost) - "Squirrelmail plugin to show mail clients their inbox/imap usage."

Plugins - Script Installer

Installatron Applications Installer - "Enable instant installs and upgrades, backups and restores, and other advanced features for a growing collection of only the best applications on the web."

Rails in DA - "manage your Rails applications without a pain!"

DA-PEAR (no cost) - "allow your users to check what PEAR packages were installed."

Plugins - Statistics + Logging

LogViewer - "enables your users to view [advanced user-level] logs"

AWStats - "AWStats Plugin for DA [version 3.0+]"

Stats Control - "Yet another AwStats Plugin"

Plugins - Administrative Tools

PostgreSQL - "provides a feature riched management interface for PostgreSQL"

DeeperAdmin - Adds a UI for some DirectAdmin tools that currently do not have an official UI.

DA-Tomcat - "allows users to manage their JSP/Servlet appications"

Jon's Toolbox - "collection of tools to fill the void where DirectAdmin is lacking"

Non-Plugin Tools

DirectAdmin-APT for Debian (no cost) - "collection of Debian packages that conforms DirectAdmin to Debian's APT system"

Shell DA User Tool (no cost) - "allows Users to be converted to Resellers, Resellers back to Users, and changing of any user's owner."

Domain Monitoring Tool (NO LONGER UPDATED; no cost) - "monitor domain's load and the number of processes via the server-status Apache feature."

???? to DirectAdmin Account Converters

cPanel (no cost)

Ensim (DEAD; no cost)

Again, if I missed your project, or you want to change how it's listed here, simply let me know and I'll fix.
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How about ... skin sources, providers ? though I know they are technically not *software*, they can be hard to find in the forums.
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How about ... skin sources, providers ? though I know they are technically not *software*, they can be hard to find in the forums.

I didn't include them here because Skins have their own forum. It's a good idea though. I'll have a look at it tomorrow.

Added Acorn and updated the Exim Editor text by request.

Regarding a skins list, I still do intend to have a look at a list of skins, but have been really busy the past few days. I'll get to it soon.

Updated NSIM.

Feel free to send me a private message or post here if anything needs added or updated.


Your footer indicates that Softaculous is free (as in beer, it seems from your site), but you do mention paid versions on your site. So I'm confused.

It also appears that you reserve the right to charge at renewal time. Does your free license have an expiration date?


Softaculous is free.
There is no renewal charges.
We were paid and from that time we shifted to Paid.
The premium licensing words couldnt be changed as that would hang up some installations of Softaculous.

Its FREE and there is no renewal fees of whatsoever!